History of Royale Energy

Royale Energy, (the Company) explores, develops, produces and markets crude oil and natural gas. Its assets include a diverse portfolio of wells throughout the United States. The Company provides investment opportunities in its oil and natural gas projects. The Company was incorporated in 1986 in California and formed to develop natural gas in projects located in northern California. It is currently incorporated under the laws of the State of Delaware. It owns and operates active wells in California and Texas.

The Company has strived in its commitment to provide investment projects that seek to minimize risk to investor capital and to provide potential maximum return on investment. The Company has accomplished this through the use of joint investment in projects defined as funds that utilize capital in the funds to drill and complete multiple wells. The Company has grown from a small producer founded in 1986 to its larger size today with multiple assets and that is a publically traded company. To date, the Company has successfully worked with over 20,000 direct investors in its projects. Many of those fund investors also participated in the Company through owning its public common stock.

The Company currently owns interest in over 70 oil and natural gas wells. We focus on building prospect inventory through acquisitions of property that contain wells, 3D seismic surveys on leases to potentially drill wells, and field development with other Operators in known producing fields that are defined as development projects that Royale has a non-operated working interest.

The Company provides direct management of its properties that it operates as needed to monitor and maintain a high level of productivity. In projects that it does not operate, the Company works closely with the operating company to maintain a high standard of efficiency to develop the targeted reserves. Historically, the Company has drilled in excess of 200 wells on high quality prospects. In wells that it operates, it has a policy to place personnel at each well on a daily basis for safety and attention to production. Royale’s staff includes highly trained and skilled individuals, motivated to work for a company with a solid track record and commitment to excellence. The Company nominates and sells natural gas and oil to its customers and end users that include Shell Energy North America, Duke, and BP.

Recently the Company experience dramatic growth in its merger with Matrix Oil Management Corporation. This strategic transaction created a high-growth, California and Texas focused operating company with an extremely experienced technical team. This team has identified more that 80 proved undeveloped drilling locations in California and West Texas (prospects). The merger achieved and objective to add oil reserves of Matrix to the historically weighted natural gas reserves of Royale Energy.