Royale Energy
Drilling to Add Value in 2020

  • Royale in 2020 Has Drill Projects in California and Texas
  • We Are Assessing Low Risk Development in Permian Basin, LA Basin and Sacramento Basin
  • In 2020 We have Drilling Projects in West Whittier Field, Sansinena Field, and Jameson North Field

Royale Energy (the Company) today is primarily a development oil and gas production company.  The Company primarily owns and operates wells in California and Texas and markets oil and natural gas to its customers.

The Company has maintained a commitment to providing investment products, which seek to minimize investor risk while providing maximum return. The Company has accomplished this through the use of joint investment in multiple wells. This commitment allowed the Company to grow from a small beginning to its current stature as a publicly traded independent producer.

The Company currently owns interest in over 70 producing oil and natural gas wells. Royale Energy is focused on building prospect inventory through acquisitions of property, 3D seismic surveys and field development over some of the most prolific natural gas and oil producing fields.

Royale Energy provides direct management of company properties as needed to monitor and maintain a high level of productivity.  We are focused today to identify and develop low risk drilling opportunities wells drilled in known oil and gas fields.

On March 1, 2018, Royale merged with Matrix Oil Management. This strategic transaction created a high-growth California and Texas focused operating company with an extremely experienced technical team. Today the team has identified more than 80 proved undeveloped drilling locations (prospects). Royale and Matrix both have been successful low-cost finders of oil and natural gas. Today we are focused on the Permian Basin (Jameson North), the Sacramento Basin (Rio Vista) and the Los Angeles Basin (Sansinena).

Absolute Open Flow
Absolute Open Flow (AOF) pertains to figures that are reported to state authorities for a 24-hour production test. These test figures should not be relied upon as a sustainable daily production rate for a well.

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