Benefits of Direct Investing in Oil and Gas Wells

Accredited Investors* may establish a Direct Working Interest investment with Royale Energy.  Royale Energy offers qualified investors an opportunity for direct participation in the drilling of California and Texas exploration and developmental Oil and Natural Gas wells.

Part of Royale Energy’s business strategy, includes the lowering of exploration/development risk through the diversification of drilling activities.   Royale attempts to lower this risk by inviting Industry Partners and Qualified Investors to participate in the drilling of exploration developmental wells.

By creating investment projects that contain multiple wells, in separate oil and natural gas fields, investors may realize a certain level of diversification.  While this provides a reduced amount of risk, there are inherent risks involved.

These Direct Working Interest projects include 3 – 5 wells for diversification, and are offered on a “first-come, first-serve” basis. As encouraging well sites are identified, they are selected by Royale Energy based upon a variety of characteristics and then placed into groups for your consideration.

  • Investment is 100% Tax Deductible for 2023 Against All Active Income

  • Accomplish a Roth IRA Conversion or a Required Minimum Distribution Without the Tax Liability

  • Monthly Income

  • Invest Alongside a Public Company that has a Proven Record of Success

  • Turnkey Oil and Natural Gas Drilling Investments Available to Accredited Investors

  • Direct Working Interest Ownership, No K-1’s

Please contact Royale Energy for information on tax advantages and on how to invest in its projects.